Together with our long-term partners, who grow mangos all over the world, we select, package and trade in fresh mangos.

Together with the growers, we are closely involved in the entire process of planning, selection, packaging and marketing of the fruit. Our goals are to meet the needs of our customers, bringing a fresh and sustainable product to the right market whilst being profitable for all parties. We believe that sustainability for humans and the environment will be a given in the coming years. We aim for a year-round supply of socially and ecologically certified fruit. That is why all our fruit is certified to recognised schemes, depending on the country. Certification, schemes such as Global Gap - GRASP - SMETA - Rainforrest Alliance, BRC and Field-to-Fork amongst others. Above all, we know the growers and their environment. We know that caring for employees and the planet means actions and not just words . We have growers / partners all over the world.